Groups are welcome to book a study visit to Marine Education Center. During spring (2/4 – 9/6) and autumn (20/8 – 31/10) the center is open for study visits tuesday through friday between 12.00 – 17.00.


Fill in the questionnaire below. Please respect the max limit of the number of participants. Your study visit can be a maximum of 2 hours. Please give us suggestions of multiple dates that fits your group, that will increase the chance of us finding an available session.


Price per person:

Participant adult 100 skr

Participant <18 years 75 skr


Obs! No booking is valid until you have received a confirmation mail from us!


Tip for preschools/schools outside of Malmö stad.

If your class would like to go netting it is smartest to divide the class on two nettingsessions. The group who doesn't net can visit the exhibition where we for instance have interactive parts and a creative workshop. Alternatively the group can do other own activities on the Ribersborgsstranden, grills are available right next to the center and during the summer months the Handikappbadet next to the center runs a small café.


Questionnaire Study visit Marine Education Center
We are a/an:

Contact information:

We would like to book:

(ca 15-30 min, max 15 participants)

Our nature guides shows the exhibition, emphasis can be placed on different parts based on interest and theme. Max number of participants depends on safety reasons.

(ca 30-45 min, max 30 participants)

The history of Marine Education Center- from a simple tent to a naturum, the idea and drive behind the will of making the ocean available for everyone. Emphasis can be placed on ex. pedagogy, UN:s global goals, sustainable fishing etc.

(ca 45 min, max 15 participants)

Together with our natur guide, the group discovers what's hidden under the surface of the Sound. Equipment is available to borrow.

(max 12 participants)

A smaller conference room with a big TV screen, a flipboard, and a whiteboard.

(max 30 participants)

Make a difference - save the ocean! We provide 

equipment (pincers, gloves, trashbags)

We would like to:

Thanks for your application! Remember, your booking isn't valid until you receive a confirmation mail from us!