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Bild Södra Varvskanalen tillsammans med OA ambassadors.

Bauhaus of the Seas Sails

Log Baushaus of the Seas Sails.

Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Malmö is a pilot project within the New European Bauhaus and runs between January 2023 and December 2025 and aims to explore a new sea culture in Malmö, a culture where Malmö residents and life in the sea live as neighbours who look out for each other. The project will involve residents, local actors in culture and nature as well as life in Öresund.
The project is run in Malmö in collaboration between the Department of Art, Culture and Communication (K3) and Mötesplats Social Innovation at Malmö University and Marine Education Center. Together with local actors in Malmö, different ways will be explored for how a new sea culture can arise. Overall principles are to work with sustainability, participation, aesthetics, and local anchoring.
Issues linked to these principles are:

• Sustainability: how do we create well-being for both people and marine life?
• Inclusion: how can we promote meetings between different groups and communities in Malmö that do not usually meet?
• Art and culture: how can we use cultural and creative activities to promote new encounters between Malmö residents and life in the sea?
• Local anchoring: how can we create synergies with various long-term processes and between established and new players and platforms?

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Compass for Ocean Ambassadors:
Navigating Towards Regenerative Cultures

Compass for Ocean Ambassadors is a workbook designed to inspire and guide individuals and communities in promoting regenerative cultures. We – Malmö University, Marine Education Center and Mötesplats Social Innovation – welcome everyone interested in the subject to use it in their daily life or work.

The compass guides you through different learning experiences: awareness, engagement, changes in perspective and changes in daily routines. Four guiding principles form the basis of this journey:

  • Sustainability: Towards a symbiotic coexistence with the sea.

  • Locally grounded: To build on local ecosystems, knowledge and capacity.

  • Inclusive: Cooperation with both people and the sea.

  • Aesthetic: Engages the senses and emotions.

The compass has been developed within the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project and is a result of the project members' collaboration.

The illustrations in The Compass have been produced by Emma Thorén.

The compass is available in Swedish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German och Dutch.



Land Art in Malmö.  19th of May / 30th of May maj / 3rd of June

Come and try Land Art in Malmö! As Ocean Ambassadors in the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project, we invite you to a workshop where we explore the sea and those who live there. At our workshops, we create together with nature, the sea and our senses. We explore nature's expression through colour, form and sound. No prior knowledge is needed - just curiosity. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, background or language.
Dress according to the weather and bring something to drink and we will offer light snacks.
See you! Eileen, Lucy and Therese

Workshop #1: Land Art - create in nature and your senses

Location: Naturum Öresund
Date: 19th of May, time 14:00–16:00.
Read more and sign up here.

Workshop #2: Land Art - create at the South Wharf Basin

Location: Södra Varvsbassängen.
Meeting place: 7-Eleven, Anna Lindhs Plats 6
Date: 30th of May, Time 13:00–15:00.
Read more and sign up here

Workshop #3: Land Art by the canal in Slottsparken

Location: Slottsparken
Meeting place: Outside Malmö city library
Date: 3rd of June, Time 17:30–19:30.
Read more and sign up here. 


Ocean Ambassadors in Malmö

We want more Malmö residents, with their different cultures and experiences, to have the opportunity to get involved in exploring and creating a healthy relationship with the sea. To this end, we launched an open call where individuals and organizations could apply to become ocean ambassadors.

As an ocean ambassador, you receive financial means to create and implement creative and inclusive activities that involve Malmö residents in strengthening their relationship with life in the sea.

Below you will find our five ocean ambassador initiatives that received funding via our Open Call.



Ellen Bjerborn

Would you like to participate? Send me an email at

I am an artist, formerly designer, from Malmö. I work mainly with themes around nature, spirituality and technology using lens-based media such as video.

This summer, I'm hosting a series of workshops held by Malmö's historically and ecologically important waters. The workshop participants get to learn more about the site, and about species that live there. The participants then create freely in sketchbooks, which are provided, from their impressions of the place and the species. In the end, we make a zine together, a simple printed publication of what we've learned and seen to be shared.

Through this informed creation, my aim is to instill a personal connection to the sea and its inhabitants with the workshop participants.

As they become more knowledgeable of the challenges sea creatures face, and of their quirks and traits, I hope the participants will find a strengthened sense of solidarity and community with the sea, which in the long run will lead to more sustainable choices.


This project is a collaboration between the organizations Drevet, Feral Malmö and Malmö Mobile Queer-Sauna. 


We want to offer Malmö residents an encounter with the sea in a new way. Through the sauna, we create a heterotopia – a temporary physical and social space that allows people to re-evaluate their relationships to each other and to the sea.


In the sauna, we invite participants to explore the role of living species on the local coast and, from these perspectives, discuss how urban space and industry in Malmö have shaped land and water. 


By bringing the perspectives of other species into a discussion about the future of Malmö, we can find new allies to shape sustainable and vibrant environments in coastal urban spaces, for both humans and non-humans.

Drevet / Feral Malmö / Malmö Mobile Queer-Sauna



Eileen Laurie,

Therese Carnemalm
& Lucy Cathcart-Frödén

We are three artists who work with images, sound and nature. Our project will invite people to experience the sea using all their senses, and to make art in response.

In our workshops participants will create land art using nature, and will reflect on our collective relationship with the sea and the non-human life forms that live in it. The workshops will take place at four different locations – at Ribersborg beach, by the canal in Slottsparken, at the South Wharf Basin (Södra Varvbassängen), and the hovercraft terminal (Svävarterminalen) in the harbour – and will also lead to the co-creation of an ocean-themed sound walk. 

We will use the methods and processes of shared art making to learn about the different marine environments in the city. Through working with the senses and our creativity, we’ll experience Malmö’s different bodies of water, and understand how these are connected.


After our workshops, participants will have a stronger sense of Malmö’s identity as a coastal city, and of our responsibility to, and interdependence with, the sea and all of its inhabitants.

We hope participants will be inspired to keep creating in their daily lives: with nature, with the sea, and with others. 


Yénika Castillo Muñoz & Stefan Andersson

We are Yénika Castillo Muñoz, a designer and design teacher from Pachuca, Mexico and Stefan Andersson, a theatre and performance artist, and teacher from Lund, Sweden.

We’re going to do an art project called River 5, where we will do three outings to the sea with different groups of people and an exhibition and storytelling event at Rosengårds library with participants from the outings.  

We will travel together to the sea with bus route 5, where we will explore the sea in several ways, invite to share experiences and memories from the sea, and eat together. We imagine the exhibition to include photos; some under water, text and live storytelling.  

We hope to achieve: 
Curiosity for, and a deeper connection to the sea and its inhabitants, through exploration and oral storytelling. 
A meeting place for humans in Malmö where multiple perspectives and experiences of the sea, and diverse human life stories, are allowed. 
An invitation leading to more people feeling at home by the sea; nearness, and understanding how important it is for human life, which we hope will lead to respect, knowledge and sharing with more people. 



“Strandfynd” is a collaboration between the dancers Lisa Holström, Petra Nilsson and Rebell Gitarrkvartett (Hannes Wikström, Jonathan Bernhardsson, Henning Gren and Emil Miranda Holmgren).


Together the ensemble has created an interactive music and dance performance around beach findings from Malmö’s beloved Ribersborg beach.

Through these beach findings the participants, together with the ensemble, will be able to create an organic theatrical multi-art piece. How do you dance like swaying seaweed?

How can a guitar sound like a sea shell? What’s the sonic differences between a black and a white stone from the ocean?

In the performance “Strandfynd” you will be able to experience both a music and dance performance as a traditional audience as well as an interactive choreography of music, dance and sounds.


The performance invites the participant to create emotional connections, interest and engagement for the local marine habitats.

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