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Urban Development and Blue Biodiversity

The manual is intended for professional actors within urban development, construction, and facilities, especially in the Nordic region, with the dissemination of application-oriented knowledge about working with blue biodiversity. The spread of knowledge about blue biodiversity and the link to urban development is relatively limited, and the intention of the manual is, therefore, to gather and create awareness of existing knowledge about tested methods and tools that can contribute to a more nature- and biodiversity friendly urban development near our coasts - with particular emphasis on the transformation of port areas.
The Inspiration Catalog on Urban Development and Blue Biodiversity is about providing better conditions for biodiversity in the sea by, for example, creating rock reefs and building bottom vegetation, but it is also largely about creating interaction with society by increasing the population's knowledge of - and understanding of - the sea and life therein.

The inspiration manual for planners, builders, advisers, and contractors has been prepared by Habitats and the Bygherreforeningen in collaboration with Jon Svendsen, DTU Aqua and Michael Palmgren, Marine Education Center in Malmø, and with financial support from the VELUX FONDEN.
Download your manual here and let yourself be inspired for more biodiversity in our Ocean.

The manual is in Danish.

The manual Byudvikling og Blå Biodiversity.
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