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Survey Inventory of Eelgrass for City of Malmö 2021

In 2021, the Marine Education Center carried out an inventory of the presence of eelgrass. in three different places along Malmö's coast.
The goal of the survey is to follow up on previous surveys of depth distribution and degree of coverage of eelgrass in City of Malmö´s ocean area, the survey must take place along three transects called transects 17, 18 and 19 in the "Swedish Authorities' control and monitoring program for the Öresund connection state report for benthic vegetation".
Main depth distribution as well as maximum depth distribution for eelgrass must be determined for each transect.
In this case, the main distribution means the deepest distribution of contiguous eelgrass meadows, while the maximum distribution is the depth where the deepest growing eelgrass is found.

Eel beds in Malmö's coastal area.

Eelgrass meadows Malmö sea area Photo: Michael Palmgren Marine Education Center

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