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About Marine Education Center


Marine education

The marine educational work at Marine Education Center wants to go beneath the surface. We believe that everybody - children, young and elderly, regardless of background and opportunity - have the right to get access to knowledge about the sea and become conscious about the sea. Through our educational work, we want to raise participants interest and involvement to the amazing environment which is hidden underneath the surface as well as experience how fun it is to learn outside. Our marine educational work is financed by, among others, Malmö stad. 

Marine development

We run projects within marine development that focus on sustainability and innovation. The results from these projects build knowledge and understanding, which is then channeled into the activities of marine education as well as promoting the progress of new concepts and projects.


Marine Education Center in Malmö Economic Association was founded in May 2007. The members of the association had before then already worked with marine educational activities - the Water Tent on Ribban - for two years in the non-profit organization Kultur- og miljøföreningen Upplevelsespedagogerna. Between 2007 and 2017, operations were further developed in temporary premises on the Ribersborg Beach north of the Handicap Bath.


Marint Education Center in Malmö Economic Association is active in marine education and marine development under the name Marint Education Center. Our vision is to influence the conditions for a viable sea by promoting the knowledge, awareness and responsibility of citizens, business and decision makers. The association is profitable but has stated that any surplus in the business will be used for business development and not for profit distribution to the members.


Marine Education Center will promote knowledge about marine sustainable development in a learning organization that includes both participants, stakeholders and clients as well as the employees at Marine Education Center. This ongoing work will be based on research and, in addition to the educational activities, through networking in different reference and steering groups.

The Marint Knowledge Center should be the best option for all stakeholders and should always seek social benefits in all activities.


Marine Education Center has a large national and international network. Creating good relationships is one of the major strengths of the business and provides fruitful skills exchanges and interesting collaborations. Some partners are Malmö University, Lund University, Lund University of Technology, World Maritim University, University of Gothenburg, Malmö City, Linköping University, Swakopmund, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (Namibia), Sendai University (Japan), Bejing University (China) Copenhagen Municipality (Denmark), Bergen University (Norway), University Center in Svalbard (Norway) et al.


Our team

Michael Palmgren

Manager marine development and education

Michael Palmgren is one of the founders of Marine Education Center. Michael has worked on issues relating to the ocean's conditions since the 1970s. For the past 25 years, he has helped with the various educational tools in order to make the knowledge readily available to all. In addition to educational work, he runs marine development projects as well as conducting international lectures on Ocean Literacy. Michael is an A-certified diver and holds a Deck Officer class 8 certificate.

Phone: +46 70 5151934


Agneta Palmgren

CFO / Business Coordinator

Agneta Palmgren is one of the founders of Marine Education Center and works with the underlying structure of the association. In addition to managing the economy she also manages the business activity coordination. Agneta has the project administrative responsibility in the areas of Marine Development and Marine Education.


Phone: +46 73 0434444


Linn Johansson

Educator / Nature guide in marine education

Linn Johansson graduated from environmental science at Malmö University the spring of 2018. During her internship at MEC in the fall of 2017, Linn was captured by the ocean and marine issues. She started her employment as a nature guide at the Marine Education Center during the spring of 2018. Linn is particularly interested in sustainability issues related to the marine environment.

Phone: +46 73 3400926


Elinor Hermansson

Educator / Nature guide in marine education

​Elinor has long experience of educational work with both adults and children, and in the last three years she has worked as a "swedish as a second language" teacher. She holds a bachelor's degree in gender science and is a folk high school teacher. During the years 2012-2013 she worked with education and sustainable development for Marine Education Center. Elinor has a great interest for the ocean and likes scuba diving, free diving, paddling and winter bathing.

Phone: +46 40 6313041


Anna Särnblad

Deputy Operations Manager/Marine Biologist Ph.D

Anna Särnblad has been working at  Marine Education Center since 2012 and is Deputy Manager. Anna mainly works with marine development projects related to professional fishing and sustainable food from the sea. She is also engaged in marine consultancy work. Anna has a PhD in Zoo-Ecology at Stockholm University in 2011 with a dissertation on population genetics of bottlenose dolphins in East Africa and is a certified project manager at IHM Business School. Anna holds a Deck Officer class 8 certificate.


Phone: +46 70 4073470


Anders Wik

Educator / Nature guide in marine education

Anders Wik started working at Marine Education Center in 2016 and is an educator with many years of experience of working with children and adolescents. He has also worked as a research assistant at the international porpoise project  SAMBAH - Static Acoustic Surveillance of the Baltic Sea. Anders holds an S30 dive certificate and a Deck Officer class 8 certificate.

Phone: +46 73 8118404


Alexander Cammaroto

Educator / Nature guide in marine education

​Alexander graduated in marine biology at James Cook University in Australia year 2016. The ocean has always been a great interest of Alexander and he has long wanted to live as close to it as possible. In the summer of 2018, Alexander began his employment as a nature guide at Marine Education Center and now he can teach school students and the general public everything he knows about the ocean. Alexander 

is an A-certified diver from his time in the military.

Phone: +46 40 6313041



Anna-Majje Wik

Anna-Majje is an illustrator and has since 2016 made the characters, logo and interior illustrations for Marine Education Center. Anna-Majje likes to discover life below the surface through free diving, which is her new favorite hobby.

Phone: +46 76 2333982


Contact us!


+46 (0)40 631 30 41

Naturum Öresund Ribersborgstigen 4,

216 44 Malmö, Skåne Sverige

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