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Bauhaus of the Seas Sails

Log Baushaus of the Seas Sails.

Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Malmö is a pilot project within the New European Bauhaus and runs between January 2023 and December 2025 and aims to explore a new sea culture in Malmö, a culture where Malmö residents and life in the sea live as neighbours who look out for each other. The project will involve residents, local actors in culture and nature as well as life in Öresund.
The project is run in Malmö in collaboration between the Department of Art, Culture and Communication (K3) and Mötesplats Social Innovation at Malmö University and Marine Education Center. Together with local actors in Malmö, different ways will be explored for how a new sea culture can arise. Overall principles are to work with sustainability, participation, aesthetics, and local anchoring.
Issues linked to these principles are:

• Sustainability: how do we create well-being for both people and marine life?
• Inclusion: how can we promote meetings between different groups and communities in Malmö that do not usually meet?
• Art and culture: how can we use cultural and creative activities to promote new encounters between Malmö residents and life in the sea?
• Local anchoring: how can we create synergies with various long-term processes and between established and new players and platforms?

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Compass for Ocean Ambassadors:
Navigating Towards Regenerative Cultures

Compass for Ocean Ambassadors is a workbook designed to inspire and guide individuals and communities in promoting regenerative cultures. We – Malmö University, Marine Education Center and Mötesplats Social Innovation – welcome everyone interested in the subject to use it in their daily life or work.

The compass will be officially launched and discussed at the digital workshop "The Ocean Starts Here: more-than-human co-design for Living with the Sea", which will take place on April 10, 2024, between 09:30-12:30 as part of the New European Bauhaus festival.

Register for the workshop and launch here

The compass guides you through different learning experiences: awareness, engagement, changes in perspective and changes in daily routines. Four guiding principles form the basis of this journey:

  • Sustainability: Towards a symbiotic coexistence with the sea.

  • Locally grounded: To build on local ecosystems, knowledge and capacity.

  • Inclusive: Cooperation with both people and the sea.

  • Aesthetic: Engages the senses and emotions.

The compass has been developed within the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project and is a result of the project members' collaboration.

The illustrations in The Compass have been produced by Emma Thorén.

The compass is available in Swedish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German och Dutch.

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