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Summer 2019

 18th of June - 10th of August

We love summertime by the ocean! During the summer months we have alot of different activities for everyone. Visit us on both sunny and rainy days, there's always something to do. Bring your friends and family and explore the ocean together!

We are open tues-sat the 18th of June - the 10th of August between 10-16.30.


Here below you can read about and book our different activities!

Join me this summer!

Illustration blue rod.
Illustration beach crab.


When we go netting all participants are equipped with waders and a net. Together with our nature guides we explore the ocean and search for the different animals who live in the Sound. Back on land we look through what we've found - some of the animals might get to move in to our aquariums. 

Time: ca 45 min.

Age limit: For everyone, both children and adults! Children born the year of 2012 or later must have an accompanying adult

Equipement : Waders, net and aquascope (available to borrow).

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This snorkeling activity fits those who have little to no snorkeling experience. All participants get to borrow a wet suit, snorkel, cyclops and shoes. We will practice our snorkeling technique and search for what lives below the surface. OBS! Bathing suits are a must! 

Time: ca 45 min.

Age limit: All participants have to be born the year of 2012 or earlier. Children born between 2012 - 2010 must have an accompanying adult.

Equipment: Wet suit, cyclops, snorkel and shoes (available to borrow).

Advanced snorkeling

This snorkeling session is a bit more advanced and all participants must have snorkeling experience and must know how to swim. Together with our nature guides we swim out to deeper waters among the blatterwrack and the seaweed and explore the ocean. OBS! Bathing suits are a must!

Time: ca 45 min.

Age limit: All participants must be born the year of 2009 or earlier.

Equipment: Wet suit, cyclops, snorkel and shoes (available to borrow).

Illustration jellyfish.

Barnens hav

"Barnens hav" is for our youngest, curious visitors. Here they get to explore the shallow water of the Sound on an exciting trip on a raft! Together with our nature guides we look for animals and algae. Maybe we will find Kalle Krabba or Molly Manet! 


Time: ca 45 min.

Age limit: For children born 2013 - 2016. OBS! At least 1 adult must accompany a maximum of 2 children!

Equipement: Life jacket, shorties, waders, net and aquascope (available to borrow).

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